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Best Salmon Trolling Rods for Landing a Monster

Even though some people might think trolling is all about luck, the experts know that having the right gear makes all of the difference. That’s why having the best salmon trolling rods is key to filling up your cooler quickly and having a great day on the water.

a salmon trolling rod on a boat

We’ve searched far and wide to bring you this comprehensive list of trolling rods for salmon. It includes options from the most reputable brands, from the high-tech G Loomis with its proprietary tapering to the extremely affordable and easy-to-handle Daiwa Accudepth. 

Best of all, we give you all the details you need to make the right selection. We’ve included the size, materials used in construction, the action type, and the most important things to know about each manufacturer. 

By the time you’re done here, your favorite new trolling rod for salmon will be in your cart and soon you’ll be ready to hit the water! 

Top 8 Trolling Rods for Salmon

  1. Okuma Classic Pro GLT Trolling
  2. Lamiglas Classic Glass
  3. G Loomis E6X Salmon/Steelhead
  4. Okuma Guide Select
  5. Shimano Scimitar Salmon Steelhead Trolling Rod SMCT
  6. Lamiglas Kenai Kwik Heavy Action Cast Troll Rod
  7. Tica HLHB Alaska Salmon Steelhead Fishing Rod Series
  8. Daiwa Heavy Action Accudepth Trolling Rod (1 Piece)

Okuma Classic Pro GLT Trolling

This Okuma Classic Pro GLT is a great option for those in the market of trolling rods for salmon. Its 7’6” length is comfortable in your hands and easy to maneuver the net under, while the slower action provides a good amount of flexibility, making it one of the best salmon trolling rods.

Okuma Classic Pro GLT Trolling rod for salmon

Made with durable glass fiber blank construction, the Okuma Classic trolling rod for salmon is rated for 8 to 20 lb line. It features stainless steel hooded reel seat and double foot guides. 

The shrink tube over EVA butt makes for quick removal from the rod holder, so you’ll be prepared to reel in after the first nibble. 

Each connection of this trolling rod for salmon has a tip-over-butt ferrule for improved strength. Simply put, the Okuma Classic won’t let you down. This is an excellent choice for those great days out trolling for salmon and their distant cousin, the steelhead.

Lamiglas Classic Glass

The Lamiglas Classic Glass trolling rod is made with E-glass fiberglass material to provide moderate action that outperforms graphite options.

a lamiglas classic salmon trolling rod

The premium stainless steel double-foot guides and durable foot frames are tough enough to handle the stress that trolling conditions can put on a rod. 

The Lamiglas is one of the best trolling rods for salmon, and it has the added benefit of being suitable for plug fishing. It comes in three different lengths: 8’2”, 8’6”, and 9’0”. The classic cork handle helps keep your hands comfortable. 

All Lamiglas products are engineered and designed in the United States. They stand behind their products with a 1-year warranty so you know that when you put your hard-earned dollars toward this trolling rod, you’re going to get a great price while supporting a US-based company. 

G Loomis E6X Salmon/Steelhead

Since 1982, G Loomis has been pushing the boundaries of fishing innovation and technology.

a g loomis rod for trolling for salmon

By using a proprietary multi-taper design, the result is a more durable and lightweight option without sacrificing sensitivity and rod balance. It integrates many micro-tapers rather than a few major tapering points, allowing it to shed weight while retaining strength.

The G Loomis E6X Salmon Trolling Rod is available in three different lengths: 8’6”, 9’0”, or 9’6”. It is a two-piece rod that makes for easy transportation and storage. 

The graphite construction is paired with a cork handle and features fast action. With 40 years of experience standing behind the G Loomis name, this salmon trolling rod stands apart from the crowd. 

Okuma Guide Select

Those looking for one of the longest and best trolling rods for salmon should turn to the Okuma Guide Select. Its 9’9” length is made from a composite material and features medium-light action. 

okuma guide select fishing rod for salmon trolling

Okuma understands that fishing gear is more than what meets the eye. Having the right gear which you can depend on is vital to enjoying your time on the water.

For over 31 years, Okuma has combined advanced materials, dynamic designs, and a commitment to longevity to create high-quality gear you can trust to give you a great day on the water.

The premium 3K woven carbon fiber grips provide top-tier response and sensitivity, while this trolling rod for salmon is constructed with maximum durability in mind.

When you turn to the Okuma name, you can be certain you are getting a great trolling rod at an excellent price.

Shimano Scimitar Salmon Steelhead Trolling Rod 

Using a unique cork and aluminum oxide handle, this Shimano trolling rod for salmon is designed to have a high-end look and feel, beating out every other rod in its class.

Shimano Scimitar Salmon Steelhead Trolling Rod SMCT

Its moderate action provides a good middle ground of flexibility and is an excellent choice for trolling.

The Shimano Scimitar Salmon Trolling Rod SMCT is 7’0” long, making its slightly shorter length easy to maneuver while providing maximum sensitivity. It has the added benefit of being easier to store and transport compared to the longer trolling rod options.

Constructed with a blended material, the lightweight and powerful Shimano Scimitar is a great choice for trolling rods for any kind of salmon.

Lamiglas Kenai Kwik Heavy Action Cast Troll Rod

Not all trolling rods fit the usual mold. This option from Lamiglas is one of those. With a full 10’6” length, it is significantly longer than other options on the market, yet still provides a superior feel. 

a  Lamiglas Kenai Kwik Heavy Action Cast Troll Rod

This trolling rod is handcrafted and made with high-quality construction including Lamiglas Kwik Series composite graphite and fiberglass.

The woven graphite handles and Fuji reel seats won’t let you down, while the 2-piece design makes traveling with your new favorite rod easy. 

The Lamiglas Kenai Kwik Heavy Action Cast Troll Rod has moderate action and is rated for a 15- to 30-pound test line. If you’re looking for a new addition to your collection, you can’t go wrong selecting one of the best salmon trolling rods.

Tica HLHB Alaska Salmon Steelhead Fishing Rod Series

The Tica HLHB Alaska Salmon Fishing Rod is made from high modulus TC2 graphite and has durable cork handles. It is available in two lengths of 8’6” and 9’0” and in a choice of moderate fast or fast action. 

a Tica HLHB salmon trolling fishing rod

Tica designs its rods with just the right amount of flexibility combined with a sturdy and sensitive touch. They are versatile and work for sensing perch yet strong enough for those difficult salmon battles.

Daiwa Heavy Action Accudepth Trolling Rod (1 Piece)

If you prefer the easy handling of a shorter trolling rod, then turn to the Daiwa Heavy Action Accudepth.

Its graphite composite construction is used to create a 6’ or 6’6” trolling rod for salmon that is powerful yet resilient. You can easily throw the net under the end of your rod at this length and make sure the salmon goes from your line into the cooler without a hiccup.

The foam grips produce an excellent feel at an affordable price, while the 1-piece design adds to its durability. The heavy action is designed for trolling salmon, rated at 20- to 40-pound line.

Final Thoughts

Now you have everything you need to know about the best salmon trolling rods. With a wide variety of choices in nearly every action type, length, and construction material, there’s sure to be something for everyone. 

The only thing left is to pick your favorite trolling rod for salmon and be ready for your next adventure.

Before you know it, you’ll be having fun trolling away and filling up the cooler with delicious salmon quicker than you ever imagined. Just thinking about that crispy salmon skin makes our mouth water!

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