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The Ultimate Trolling Lures for Marlin Fishing

If you’re planning a trip to pursue a marlin, then this is the list for you. We have compiled the best marlin lures, proven by their popularity among marlin anglers, guides, and captains.

catching marlin with a trolling lure

After all, every marlin fisher and boat captain has a favorite lure that they rely upon to get their catch at the end of the day. 

Even better, each one is considered a leader in the marlin fishing industry as they have been used worldwide to catch marlin and other species. 

Top 10 Marlin Trolling Lures

  1. Mold Craft Wide Range
  2. Large 15″ Marlin Lure Mamacita
  3. Mold Craft Super Chugger
  4. Xeno Plunger Large 14″ Marlin Lure
  5. Mini Meat Trolling Lure for Marlin
  6. MagBay Lures Dorado Dank Jetted 12.5″ Marlin Lure
  7. Ilander Lure by Tournament Tackle
  8. Black Bart 1656 Angle Face
  9. MagBay Ballyhoo Lure
  10. Jagged Jet Marlin Lure

Mold Craft Wide Range

It is hard to believe, but the Mold Craft wide range is almost 50 years old. You know any fishing brand that lasts that long has something going for it.

a mold craft marlin lure

Conceived in the mid-1970s, Mold Craft is the perfect trolling lure for marlin because it can be fished at virtually any speed in calm or rough seas and remains stable.

Available in multiple colors (pink, white, silver, black, etc.), Mold Craft is used worldwide to catch marlin and many other fish. Fish it on a flatline or “short rigger” to entice a feeding frenzy from any marlin in the vicinity.

Large 15″ Marlin Lure Mamacita

At over a foot long, the Mamacita 15” marlin lure is one fish attractant that cannot be missed.

mamacita marlin fishing lure

Perfect for marlin, tuna, mahi-mahi, and many other species, this is as close to the “one shop” concept you will get with these types of lures. The Mamacita is a heavy-duty lure that can be run at just about any depth with zero drop-offs in performance. 

Available in two colors, purple and green and pink and green, this lure is an investment, but one that is well worth it. One look at its fluttering motion and performance at all speeds and you will be hooked.

Mold Craft Super Chugger

Constant havoc is the goal with the Mold Craft Super Chugger. Troll it at virtually any speed, and its concave face creates a steady stream of thick bubbles and moving color.

mold craft super chugger

The lure also alters depth, rising and falling automatically. Best of all, while it pulls hard through the water, its stability is maintained throughout. 

For best results, troll the Mold Craft Super Chugger between 6 and 14 knots. The long reverse body allows it to create its action in addition to the head, making the lure irresistible to marlin.

Just remember this lure landed a monster (1402-pound blue marlin) off of Brazil in 1992. So be ready!  You’ll be hauling a marlin back home for dinner in no time using this lure.

Xeno Plunger Large 14″ Marlin Lure

As the name implies, the Xeno plunger has a plunger-style head that makes waves whether you are snaking it through the water on a fast retrieve or trolling the blue water.

xeno large plunger marlin lure

Popular with just about every saltwater gamefish, the Xeno is a heavy-tackle lure that consistently is irresistible to marlin. At over 14” in length and weighing nine ounces, it is difficult for any fish to miss it.

The head is resin, while the lure has a stunning abalone inlay. The treatment makes it impervious to corrosion and resistant to damage and discoloration.

In terms of performance, the Xeno Plunger 14” lure is available in multiple colors, including pink, blue, silver, and black.

Mini Meat Trolling Lure for Marlin

The Mini Meat trolling lure for marlin is another lure that looks as good as it performs and lands monsters. At 9”, it is substantial but not overwhelming and performs well at just about any trolling speed. It comes in red, blue and pink.

mini meat marlin fishing lure

Beautifully crafted, this plunger-style lure will stir up the water at any speed. The Mini Meat was designed for tuna and mahi-mahi but has proven equally effective as a marlin lure.

It is a little small at 8.5”, but it has a skirt size of 8” that creates an active flutter when trolled. The lure is made of high-impact resin, so it will not crack or corrode.

MagBay Lures Dorado Dank Jetted 12.5″ Marlin Lure

Big is the best way to describe the MagBay Dorado Dank jetted 12.5” marlin lure. Given its length, it will make its presence known no matter how rough the water is.

magbay dorado dank marlin fishing lure

The lure is very effective on marlin and will catch tuna, mahi-mahi, and sailfish. Its jetted head leaves a wide swath that lets every fish in the vicinity know it has arrived. 

While the lure colors, pink, blue, black, and chanteuse, make a statement, one benefit of the Dorado Dank is its stability. It does not waver, no matter the sea condition or how fast the lure is trolled.

Ilander Lure by Tournament Tackle

In addition to being called the “Ilander Lure,” it is also known as the “Hawaiian Eye” and is one of the best trolling lures for marlin. It is a safe bet you will find one wherever you find marlin anglers.

tournament tackle llander lure for marlin fishing

It was developed in 1976 and is a consistent high-speed trolling lure. The Ilander is still effective at lower speeds, making it a standout lure.

The lure is available in multiple colors, including blue and white, blue and silver, and blue and black. Its length is over 8” and it weighs 2.5 pounds. The bullet head creates a disturbance but also helps cut through the water. 

Black Bart 1656 Angle Face

The Black Bart 1656 angle face is the smaller version of the larger Breakfast and Grander Candy lures. At 12” long, however, calling the 1656 a “smaller version” depends on your perspective.

a black bart angle face marline trolling lure

Regardless of size, it is a great trolling lure that leaves a wide, unmistakable swath of disturbance and associated noise of any lure that is moving quickly through the water. 

The lure runs well in any conditions and its design ensures it stays in the water. As a multi-species lure, the 1656 can be fished at just about any depth and still get a response.

Additionally, the lure has a pronounced wiggle thanks to its tapered backend and is available in multiple colors, blue and white being the most popular. 

MagBay Ballyhoo Lure

The MagBay Ballyhoo lure is another multi-species lure. A shortlist of the fish it attracts includes skipjack, sailfish, tuna, and wahoo. Patterned after the Ballyhoo baitfish, the MagBay Ballyhoo Lure is difficult to top. 

a magbay ballyhoo marling trolling lure

Performance-wise, it works best when trolled between 5 and 12 knots and pairs well with a Ballyhoo trailer following a plunger or jet head.

It comes in green, pink, purple, blue, and blue-green colors. At 11”, it creates a pattern in the water that is hard to miss. Not to mention, ballyhoo are one of the marlin’s favorite snacks!

Jagged Jet Marlin Lure

The Jagged Jet is another “smaller” lure that is irresistible to gamefish. It works in just about any sea-state and at all times of the day and night.

jagged jet marlin trolling lure

Many marlin anglers and skippers consider it a “must-have,” particularly as it’s produced some big catches. 

With an “oil-spill” coloration, gamefish notice it and are attracted to it. The lure is also light-reflective, which makes it more difficult to ignore. Its metal head has four jets, which cause a popping sound and motion when trolled.

The lure can be trolled at just about any speed and produces action, even at large trailer distances.

Final Thoughts

Marlin is not difficult to catch if you have the best marlin lures available. Quality lures maintain stability at high speeds, have flash, and offer a lot of colors. Those lures are difficult to resist from the marlin’s perspective. 

Any of the products covered here are proven to be the best lures for marlin and are the mainstays of just about every captain and guide. Make sure you pick up a few, at least, for your next marlin fishing adventure. And don’t forget a rod to go with it!


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