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10 Best Wahoo Lures for Fishing Off Shore

Wahoo aka Ono are one of the most prized fished in the open ocean and deep sea fishing.  They are fast, aggressive and put up a great fight.  They also have a lot of razor sharp teeth so you’ll need lures that can withstand a chopping.

If you are planning to do some high speed trolling for Wahoo, you’ll need heavy gear and the best wahoo lures to catch this toothy speed demons of the sea.

These are the Best Lures for Wahoo:


Yo-Zuri Bonita Wahoo Lure

Yo-Zuris new Bonita boasts a patented color change technology on the top of the bait and a smooth scale pattern on the sides. Featuring the patented Power Body flat forged stainless steel hooks and stainless steel ball bearing swivels this is most durable trolling lure on the market. Designed to be fished behind a trolling lead or straight off the rod tip Bonitas are particularly deadly on Wahoo and Tuna. This versatile trolling lure can be pulled from 6-15 knots and features a tight swimming action. The Yo-Zuri Bonita comes in two sizes and seven color patterns to cover a variety of fishing conditions.

Yo-Zuri R1158-CWH Bonita Trolling Sinking Lure, Wahoo , 210mm 8-1/4"
  • package dimensions :29.464 cm L x 6.35 cm W x 4.318 cm H
  • Product type :FISHING HOOK
  • country of origin:Philippines
  • Package weight :0.1lbs
  • Stainless steel ball bearing swivels

Wahoo Lure Desperado Series 7.5″

MagBay Lures 7.5" Wahoo Trolling Lure - Desperado Series Cabo Candy
  • 7.5 Inch Wahoo Lure Deep Diving Marauder Style
  • Deep Diving Marauder Style
  • Phenomenal Action, Design, and Quality
  • Intense blue color variation for maximum attraction

Yo-Zuri Purple Bonita Trolling Sinking Lure

This one is my absolute go to wahoo lure.  I have caught more wahoo on this pure than all the rest.  I have lost a few as well, so try to use wire leaders to avoid you line being cut off.

Yo-Zuri R1157-CPB Bonita Trolling Sinking Lure, Purple/Black, 170mm 6-3/4"
  • Product Type: SPORTING_GOODS
  • Package quantity: 1
  • No batteries required
  • Country of Orgin: Philippines

4 Pack Fully Rigged 7.5″ Trolling Wahoo Lure Set

This is a great set and they already come rigged with tooth proof trolling wire.

4 Pack Fully Rigged 7.5" Trolling Wahoo Lure Set Plus Lure Bag - Desperado Lures
  • 4 Fully Rigged 8" Lures
  • Rigged with 280lb 7x7 Cable
  • Targets Wahoo
  • Includes 5 Pocket Lure Bag

MagTrak 10″ High Speed Wahoo Lure

This is a high speed trolling wahoo magnet. Don;t leave home without it.

MagTrak 10" High Speed Wahoo Lure with Patented HookMag Technology (Pink Marlin)
  • HookMag Keeps Hook in Stinger Position - Increases Hookups
  • Troll Speeds from 6 to 20 knots
  • Potentially the most innovative Wahoo Lure to date

MagBay 16″ High Speed Wahoo Lure

MagBay Lures 15" Tuna Dorado Wahoo High Speed Lure 16 oz Head
  • 16" Length Wahoo Lure
  • 17 Ounces - Head with custom Bolt for fast skirt change
  • Made in the USA
  • Multi Color option for Max Attraction
  • Solid Stainless Steel Construction

High Speed Wahoo Lures 2 Pack Fully Rigged

High Speed Wahoo Lures 2 Pack Fully Rigged 6 Ft 280 LBS SS Leader + Bag
  • 12 Inch Wahoo Lures
  • Intense Purple and Red Color Variation for Maximum Attraction
  • Fully Rigged with 7 strand wire + Lure Bag
  • Head Weight for Diving and Speed
  • Good For Wahoo, Tuna and Dorado

Jagged Jet Whaoo Lure

The jet action causes a bubble trail that really gets the wahoo excite to bite your lure.

MagBay Lures Tuna Marlin Trolling Jet Head Lure 8.5" Mahi Wahoo Magbay Jagged Jets (Midnight Oil), Purple, Medium
  • 8" Offshore Lure
  • Incredible Color and Action
  • Catches Mahi, Tuna, Wahoo, and Marlin
  • Tournament Winning Lure

High Speed Wahoo Lure – El Sincero

High Speed Wahoo Lure - El Sincero 316 Stainless Steel Compare with Ballyhood Cowbell Lures (Blue Chrome)
  • Color Anodized Aluminum Rattling Head
  • 16oz Head Weight Wahoo Lure
  • Amazing Rattle for Intense Wahoo Attraction

Blue Water Candy Jag-A-Hoo Lure

The Blue Water Candy 51001 Jag-A-Hoo Lure with 275-Pound Cable Rig comes in blue, black and mirage. Blue Water Candy saltwater fishing lures are made in the USA with a focus on quality and effectiveness. The extra attention to detail is what makes Captain Jodie Gay’s Blue Water Candy Lures different from any other line of tackle. Whether fishing inshore or offshore for wahoo, these products are sure to help you catch more fish.

Blue Water Candy 51806 Jag-A-Hoo Lure, 8 oz
  • Most versatile Offshore lure to hit the shelf
  • Combines a trimmed down, compact version of BWC's most popular Wahoo lure
  • Rigged on 275 lb. cable with a 9/0 Mustad hook and terminated with a 900 lb. solid ring
  • The JAG-8-A-HOO is effective casted or trolled at both slow and high speeds, from 5-18 knots


Accessories for Wahoo Lures

Trolling Weights

The Tackle Room Trolling Weights (24 Ounce)
  • Custom-rigged in the USA
  • Made from reclaimed lead
  • Trolling Weights with 36" thru-cable
  • Custom build for added strength and durability
  • Ball Bearing Snap Swivel

Custom rigged trolling weights are a great way to present your bait deeper in the water column when high speed trolling. This is important for catching hungry wahoo. These trolling weights are rigged on 36 inches of 304 stainless steel cable. Because this cable breaks at 480lbs, you get a very strong product. In addition, they use chafe gear on both ends of the stainless loops, resulting in a more reliable product. It’s important when buying offshore cigar weights to look for a loop on one end and a swivel on the other. If your weights have a swivel on both ends, you’re going to have a swivel to swivel connection at some point. That doesn’t make any sense, and means you’ve got extra metal in the water.

They single crimp connections because there is no need for double crimping. Double crimping puts additional metal in the water, and is unnecessary. Their swivels are not the usual garbage coast lock you’ll find on a lot of trolling weights for wahoo. They use Billfisher 320lb ball bearing snap swivels on our trolling leads. Shock leaders sold separately (see below).


Shock Leader

The Tackle Room Wahoo Shock Leader (250 LB Test)
  • Durable 250 LB Mono
  • Super Tough Diamond Ball Bearing Snap Swivel
  • Chafe Gear on Both Ends is Super Durable
  • 25' Length
  • The Tackle Room makes these shock leaders in house

These shock leaders are 25 feet of 250lb or 400lb Momoi Smoke Blue Hi-Catch mono. They are crimped with a 200lb Diamond ball bearing snap swivel to the business end, and a loop in the end that attaches to your trolling weight. All loops feature Diamond chafe gear.


Final Thoughts

Wahoo are one of the best saltwater sport fish you can target due to their speed, size and they taste pretty darn good too.  So if you plan to specifically target wahoo on your next fishing trip, try trolling with the lure suggestions above.  You can also try drift or kite fishing for them and using the baits we suggest in this article.



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