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Can You Eat Sand Shark?

As its name suggests, sand sharks are found close to the shore on the ocean floor amidst the sand. They are a docile shark that grows between 5 to 6 feet in length. They are easy to spot, as they have red spots and are greyish-brown in color. You’ll see this type of shark in shallow waters all around the water. So, you may be wondering, can you eat sand shark? 

fishmerman with a sand shark on the beach

Do People Eat Sand Shark?

Yes, you can eat sand shark! However, it is very important to remove the unwanted bits from the meat before consuming it as that could sour the flavor of the meat. It’s also vital to properly clean this shark before consuming it as there will be a lot of sand leftover. While there is a lot of misconception about eating shark meat, sand sharks, in particular, can actually taste really good.


However, the shelf life of this type of meat is pretty short as compared to others and is best eaten quickly as it will not keep in the fridge, or even freezer, for very long without the taste of the meat becoming compromised.

fisherman cutting shark meat

Is It Edible? 

This type of shark is quite edible because of its diet. Typically, sand sharks feed on smaller fish like menhaden, sea trout, flounder, and mackerel. This makes the meat of this shark taste pretty good when it’s properly prepared. Again, it is important for this meat to be cleaned and cut to get the best taste. 


What Does It Taste Like? 

Sand shark is a favorite among many seafood lovers! Its taste is described as being very similar to that of swordfish or lobster, which are other favorites! Many who enjoy consuming sand shark prefer to have it smoked or grilled with the right seasoning and herbs to maximize the flavor. 

Two Large Shark Steaks
Two Large Shark Steaks

It has a mild, meaty taste that is not overly fishy. When smoked, it is going to come with that lovely smoked flavor that so many people enjoy. When grilled, it’s going to have a meaty texture and a mild taste. However, the types of herbs and spices used are going to impact the taste of this mild shark.


Can You Eat It Raw? 

So, you can eat sand shark, but can you eat it raw? It is not recommended to eat sand shark raw. This type of shark is best served grilled or smoked and wouldn’t be the best candidate for sushi. The taste likely wouldn’t be as good as other types of sushi and it could even be unhealthy to eat this fish raw. Also, as compared to other types of sushi, this meat would not look very appetizing.


Is It Safe to Eat? 

As long as the sand shark is properly cleaned and cut, it’s perfectly safe to eat in moderation. Due to relatively high levels of mercury in this type of meat, it is best to eat only once in a while. Consuming this shark in moderation is totally safe, and it’s so delicious that even those who aren’t huge fans of seafood may take a liking to it.

Shark steaks with seafood sauce

There is a lot of misconception out there about shark meat, with many people refusing to give it a try. However, eating sand shark is perfectly safe, and, when prepared properly, it can be very tasty! Just ensure that it is cut properly and cleaned well! If you have been considering trying sand shark but were unsure of whether or not it’s for you, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t go ahead and give it a try. You may enjoy it!

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