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Catching Rainbow Trout

rainbow trout identification

Rainbow trout are one of the most popular types of this salmonid species.

When it comes to trout and other fish, there are a few main types of lures to choose from for the best fishing experience. Spinners are one common lure for rainbow trout, and many of them are included in our list of top-rated lures, like the Blue Fox Vibrax and Panther Martin’s Classic Spinner. By utilizing a combination of bright, flashing colors and sonic vibrations, spinners entice fish to bite. 

Trout Spoons like the Acme Kastmaster and Acme Phoebe are another popular kind of lure. With spoons, there’s often a curve to the lure. When a spoon lure is moving around in the water, the added curve gives it as unique movement to attract fish. Spoons come in all shapes and sizes and various colors. Like other lures, they’re smooth and gleam in the water.

rainbow trout in a net

Some other lures mimic small fish or worms as bait. The Rapala Original Floater, Rebel Jointed Minnow, and Berkley’s Floating Worm all do this exceptionally well. By imitating fish and worms, these lures are successful at baiting trout. 

Although these are not the only types of lures for trout, all of these are popular with trout fishing enthusiasts. Before buying lures, do some research to find out what’s the best for your environment and situation. 

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