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How Much is a Fishing License?

If you plan on going fishing, you’ll need a license – at least in most places. Fishing license laws and regulations change depending on your state and locality. Both price, availability, and other factors like if kids need a fishing license will change by state. So, how much does a fishing license cost? Anglers must know the answer to this question to plan for a smooth fishing session.

Fishing License Prices

In the United States, you need a fishing license for catching fish, otherwise your activities will be considered illegal. You can easily get a fishing license by providing your personal information and paying a small fee. A single license generally covers different types of fish.

The estimated price to buy a one-day fishing license is around $10 a day. If you happen to be an avid fisher, you can purchase an annual fishing license that will cost you around $40. However, the rates vary for different states.

A fishing license allows you to catch fish legally, but it also comes with certain restrictions such as a limit on the number of fish you can catch in a single day. This limit varies on the basis of where you live and also with respect to the type of fish you are catching.

Generally, each state in the United States has its own procedure for issuing fishing licenses. If you are a non-resident in a state, you will be charged more than the residents. This comes as a general rule in the United States. Some states offer anglers special packages. For example, they will be charged less for a three day license or for a week long license. A few states will charge you extra money catch certain fish such as trout. In Georgia, you can buy an annual fresh water fishing license for an affordable $15 if you are a resident, but for non-residents the license fee will jump to $50.

How to Buy a Fishing License in the United States

The procedure to buy a fishing license in the United States varies for different states. Lots of states have set up different procedures to secure the fishing license. Let’s check out different options for buying fishing licenses in the United States.

  • By phone: In some states, you can order fishing licenses on phone. All you have to do is to provide the requisite personal information to the official and use your credit card number to pay the license fee.
  • Online: You can buy, renew, or replace a fishing license via a number of state department websites. Also, you can pay through a credit or debit card. In some states, you will be able to print your fishing license immediately after providing information and payment.
  • Physical locations: You can also buy your fishing license in person at various retailers. Fishing shops may sell licenses, but they’re available in a wide array of locations. Walmart stores across America sell fishing licenses.

Don’t forget your license on your next fishing trip!

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