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How To Hold a Pike Without Getting Bitten

Tips for Holding Pike (So You Don’t Get Bit)

If you catch a pike and want to hold it for a cool Instagram pic or just to remove the hook and not get bit, try these tips.

how to hold a pike
  • Wear gloves
  • Keep your fingers away from the mouth
  • Use a hook removing device
  • Grab them behind the head like the pic above
  • Use a net and keep them in the water slightly above the waterline
  • Hold them from the gills and not the mouth
  • Support their body weight under their belly

Try to avoid their teeth especially.  If you practice catch and release, it is best to try and leave the pike in the water to release without taking it out. 

Lifting pike and other big fish can put pressure on it’s organs and cause damage.  Grabbing the gills and also cause damage.  even though they might swim away once you release, it could die shortly after.

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