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The Best Suits for Ice Fishing in Cold Weather

Ice fishing can be tough on the body – cold temperatures and long hours on the ice can cause frostbite if you aren’t careful. An ice fishing suit can help to keep you warm. Wearing the proper ice fishing apparel can make a huge difference, especially in below-freezing temperatures.

The best ice fishing suit consists of an ice fishing bib and a jacket. You can buy these together in a set, completing your suit and keeping you safe and warm this winter on the ice. Check out the best suits for ice fishing to protect yourself from the freezing elements.

Top 5 Ice Fishing Suits

These ice suits are sure to keep your whole body warm and protected from the elements. You can create your own ice fishing suit with a bib or a pair of snow pants paired with a jacket, or try one of the top ice suits listed below.

These are the Best Ice Fishing Suits:

  1. Frabill I-Float I-Bib Suit
  2. Frabill 12 Waterproof Insulated Jacket & Pant Suit
  3. Stormr Strykr Neoprene Jacket and Bib Pants
  4. Striker Ice Predator Suit
  5. Navis Marine Fishing Suit



Frabill I-Float I-Bib Suit

frabill i-float i-bib suit

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In the popular I-Series of Frabill apparel, the I-Float I-Bib Suit is not only a cold weather fishing suit, but a flotation device. This USCG Certified personal flotation device jacket will be a big help in case anyone falls through the ice. With an ergonomic design and sturdy construction, this suit is sure to keep you safe and warm on your next ice fishing trip. Added safety features include mesh self-drainage openings and bright orange lining for high visibility.

This ice fishing suit is on the expensive side, but since it includes a high quality bib, jacket, PFD, and ice picks all from one of the best ice fishing brands, it’s a worthwhile investment.

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Frabill 12 Waterproof Insulated Jacket & Pant Suit

frabill 12 ice fishing suit

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The Frabill 12 Bib and Jacket Ice Suit is another great choice from Frabill. This combo consists of one of the best ice fishing bibs plus a high quality ice fishing jacket, so it’s sure to keep you warm. Both the pants and jacket have plenty of pockets to store your ice fishing gear, and the jacket comes with ice picks included. This ice fishing suit is water and wind-proof, with a breathable nylon shell and 3M Thinsulate lining.

The Frabill 12 Waterproof Insulated Jacket & Pant Suit is perfect for ice fishermen, whether they stay outdoors or use an ice shelter. This ice fishing suit is warm, but has room for layering.

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Stormr Strykr Neoprene Jacket and Bib Pants

stormr strykr ice fishing suit

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The Stormr Strykr Neoprene Jacket and Bib Pants is a top choice for ice anglers. This ice fishing suit is wind and waterproof, so you’ll stay warm and dry. While the Stormr Strykr Ice Suit is durable and warm, it’s also lightweight and flexible, so your range of motion won’t be stifled. Neoprene seams ensure that water won’t get in, and fleece lining and fleece lined pockets ensure comfort and warmth.

The Stormr Strykr Ice Fishing Suit is available for purchase separately – the bib and the jacket are not sold as one unit, but they are on the same product page for your convenience.

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Striker Ice Predator Suit

striker ice predator suit

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The Striker Ice Fishing Suit is another top-rated bib and jacket combo. These two products in combination make one of the best ice fishing suits on the market, sure to keep you warm. Both the Predator jacket and bib are made with Sureflote Flotation Assist Technology, so you’ll float if you ever fall into the water. Striker Ice’s Hydropore Technology fabric is waterproof but still breathable. Thermadex insulation keeps you warm on even the coldest days.

The Striker Ice Predator Suit is available for purchase, although you’ll have to buy the Predator Bib and Jacket separately. While the pieces are sold separately, the Striker Ice Suit is one of the best, made with quality components specifically for ice anglers.

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Navis Marine Fishing Suit

navis marine fishing suit

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The Navis Marine Fishing Suit is actually an offshore fishing suit, but it works great for ice anglers as well. This bib and jacket combo is waterproof and windproof, so you’re protected from the elements. It is made with Navis Marine Tech 2-ply fabric, which can withstand even the most torrential downpours. The Navis Marine Fishing Suit holds up well in the cold as well, with a fleece-lined collar, hand warmer pockets, and drysuit protection. It also has reflective details for added safety.

While the Navis Marine Fishing Suit isn’t made specifically for ice fishing, it’s waterproof and breathable design is perfect for anglers fishing in an ice shelter or in the cold outdoors with some added layers.

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Ice Fishing Suit Buyers Guide

When it comes to ice fishing, you need the best suits and jackets to stay warm in the cold conditions. With differences in price, material, and quality found among suits, it may be difficult to narrow your search down to the right suit for your lifestyle. The right fishing suit and jacket will depend on its comfortability, durability, and flexibility.

Below, we’ll list all the considerations you’ll need to make when buying your ice fishing protective gear. 

Choosing the Right Suit and Jackets

The following features of ice fishing clothing are important to consider when purchasing this apparel.


Getting water in your clothing and feeling cold when fishing can have dangerous consequences. This is why it is essential to wear waterproof fishing suits. An ice fishing suit should be waterproof, so make sure to grab one with a water-repellent surface.

The Hydrostatic Head Test tests the waterproof ability of fabric. This test determined that a bib with a waterproof rating of 0-1,500 mm would keep someone warm through a drizzle of rain, while bibs with ratings of 10,000-20,000 mm will keep you warm during extremely heavy rains.


You can be safe and comfortable through the most extreme weather conditions with the right insulation. When in doubt, look for a bib with fleece lining or Thinsulate, as these are good materials for proper insulation.

An ice fishing parka will add a great amount of insulation to your look. These thick jackets are perfect to reinforce warmth and provide extra pockets and compartments for storage. It is also smart to buy one that’s waterproof, so there will not be any water getting underneath your clothes.


To keep yourself safe in dangerous circumstances like falling through the ice, a bib with flotation features should be at the top of your list. They look like ordinary ice bibs, but have a built-in flotation feature to save yourself in harm’s way.

Many ice fishing jackets also have flotation features to equip their coats for potentially dangerous situations. It would be best to buy ice fishing bibs and jackets with flotation to prepare yourself for risky circumstances.


With many features like waterproof, insulation, and flotation, you may find yourself feeling restricted. Ice fishing apparel should be durable, but still lightweight, so you can keep your flexibility during fishing. Mobility is important, especially in potentially dangerous conditions like the cold.

Reflective Tape

If you find yourself fishing at night, then it’s imperative that you wear a bib with reflective tape. This will make yourself known to other people on the water to ensure safety.

Many locations around the world require reflective features be on your person, your boat, and whoever else is with you. Make sure to study your local laws and abide by them to stay safe when ice fishing.

Padded Knees

When fishing, it’s important to employ extra layers of protection like reinforced knees. Kneeling on the cold surface can be very uncomfortable and can cause pain, so padded knees in ice suits will help you stay as pain-free as possible. These pads will also keep you safe if you accidentally fall through or slip.

Space for Other Clothes

In most cases, you do not want to be tightly squeezed into an ice fishing float suit. If you find yourself thinking the insulation on your suit is insufficient to keep you warm, make sure to buy a bib with enough room for other warm clothes. Wearing multiple layers of clothing will keep you safe while ice fishing and prevent hypothermia.

An ice fishing jacket worn on top of your suit will keep you warm on the ice and make you feel more comfortable about emergency situations. These ice jackets can add buoyancy, waterproofing, and insulation that will keep you at your safest.

Frequently Asked Questions

The sections below will answer commonly asked questions about ice fishing attire.

Which is most important – an ice fishing bib or jacket?

When ice fishing, you should not choose between an ice fishing bib or a jacket. Both of these apparel items are equally important when it comes to flotation, waterproof, and insulation for your body. Suits and jackets both play a crucial role and keeping you safe in those emergency situations, so you should not skip out on one or the other.

What is the most important feature for ice fishing clothing to have?

All features of ice armor suits are imperative to look for when buying a new suit. These include:

  • Mobility
  • Flotation
  • Insulation

These factors all work together to give the maximum level of protection.

  • High mobility allows the fisherman to move freely without feeling weighed down.
  • Insulation prevents freezing.
  • Flotation protects you from drowning.

It is non-negotiable to have good flotation and insulation features, since they are the basis for the best winter fishing clothing.

The best ice suits are considered premium apparel for ice fishing, and the gear is tested by some of the best anglers in the world. Bonus features for jackets include ergonomic storage pockets, waterproof zippers, reflective elements, and even inner cell phone pockets. Ice fishing float suits should also have reflective elements and knee panels. Of course, the most important feature is waterproof durability. See Striker ice suits for apparel that covers all the bases.

What should I wear under my ice fishing apparel?

Even though ice fishing suits and parkas are designed to give you the maximum level of protection and warmth, it is still important to protect yourself with other clothing. Wearing warm clothes like fleece sweatpants, thick t-shirts, and hoodies provide the extra insulation in cold conditions.

What else should I wear when ice fishing?

Besides suits and jackets, you should also wear insulated boots and multiple pairs of thick socks to keep your lower extremities warm. A quality pair of ice boots will give your feet insulation and keep them dry. Waterproof boots are definitely the way to go when picking your pair.

Extremities far away from the center of the body are the most important to protect when ice fishing, which is why high quality gloves are critical in the sport. Depending on weather conditions, it will most likely be necessary to wear ice fishing gloves and mitts. Remember to bring an extra pair of gloves because your hands will get wet. The body also loses much of its heat through the head, so fleece-lined caps will do a great job at keeping you warm.

How do I find the perfect set of gear?

To find the perfect items to use and wear when ice fishing, it is important to know yourself and your body in harsh conditions. For example, if your hands are especially susceptible to cold, then focus on getting a quality pair of gloves that will keep them warm. If you are a person that gets extremely cold in general, then try wearing those extra layers and investing in highly-insulated suits and jackets to minimize the negative effects.

Find The Best Ice Fishing Outerwear

The top quality ice fishing clothing will keep you insulated, waterproof, mobile, and visible throughout your trips. Choose the very best ice suits and jackets with your body in mind. Take your limitations into consideration when it comes to the cold weather, and pick your gear based on that.

Never try to sacrifice safety for cheap ice fishing apparel, since cold conditions can become dangerous quickly. Remember to keep your extremities warm with gloves, hats, socks, and insulated boots as well. An ice fishing suit, jacket, gloves, boots, and more from reliable brands will keep you warm and safe during the ice fishing season.

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