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Our Favorite Surf Fishing Carts

Surf fishing gear can be heavy, and carrying surf fishing rods, surf fishing reels, coolers, tackle, and more over the sand can be exhausting.

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Rather than wearing themselves out making trips back and forth over the sand carrying all of that heavy gear, many anglers opt for a fishing cart.

Fishing carts are made specifically for surf fishing on beaches or piers, and are designed to travel over rough surfaces like sand without the wheels dragging.

A good fishing cart is equipped with rod holders and other useful features, and can handle a decent amount of weight.

The Best Carts for Surf Fishing

We’ve compiled the best fishing carts for surf fishing. These surf fishing carts are durable, water-resistant, and can handle the terrain of the beach. Check out these top-rated beach carts and save yourself from carrying heavy equipment on your next surf fishing trip.

  1. Fish-n-Mate 310
  2. Sea Striker BRSC Deluxe
  3. Berkley Fishing Cart
  4. Fish-n-Mate Junior
  5. Berkley Sportsman’s Pro Cart
  6. Muscle Carts HDBC-Blue Fish and Marine Cart
  7. Plus One Cart Pier Fishing Cart


Fish-N-Mate 310

fish-n-mate 310 surf fishing cart

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Fish-N-Mate is one of the best known brands for fishing carts. The Fish-N-Mate 310 large cart with poly wheels is our top pick for a surf fishing cart because of its reliability and useful features.

This fishing cart has 15-inch polyurethane wheels that can easily navigate over sand, shells, and beach debris. The Fish-N-Mate 310 fishing cart is great for the beach, pier, or for grassy areas. The cart is made from aluminum, so it is lightweight and durable. It can carry a maximum capacity of 250 pounds.

Fish-N-Mate’s 310 fishing cart has 8 rod holders, so multiple fishing rods can be safely transported. It can fit two coolers, tackle boxes, and an umbrella. This is a considerable amount of storage, and with a high weight capacity you should be able to transport all of your equipment to the beach or pier with ease.

Pro: Large space and weight capacity, lightweight frame

Con: Large, hard to fit into small cars and storage spaces

Sea Striker BRSC Deluxe

sea striker BRSC deluxe surf fishing cart

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The Sea Striker BRSC Deluxe is a close second when it comes to surf fishing carts. With plastic pneumatic wheels, this fishing cart can travel easily over sand and other rough terrain.

The Sea Striker BRSC Deluxe has 7 rod holders to conveniently transport your rods and reels. The body of this fishing cart is made from powder-coated metal, so it is tough, durable, and water and rust-resistant. It can hold up to a 54-quart cooler, large enough for most surf fishing expeditions.

An added bonus for the Sea Striker BRSC Deluxe is its ability to break down – you can break apart the cart so that storage is easier in between trips or during the off season. Some have noted that it’s not easy to break down however, and it is heavier than our first choice.

Pro: Large capacity, good wheels, breaks down for storage

Con: Heavy, can be difficult to break down

Berkley Fishing Cart

berkley surf fishing cart

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The Berkley fishing cart comes in a regular size or jumbo, so you can figure out what size best fits your needs. The smaller, regular option can support up to 200 pounds and can hold a cooler as large as 48 quarts. It has heavy-duty wheels and a corrosion-resistant aluminum frame with electrostatic finish.

The Berkley Fishing Cart has six removable rod holders, hook and loop straps, and is outfitted with a fabric liner, so gear won’t slide around. It also comes with a foldaway cutting board with bait cup and knife storage slots.

This fishing cart from Berkley is collapsible, making it easy to store without using much space. The adjustable handle makes it even easier to handle on the beach, pier, or on grassy terrain around lakes and rivers. The one downside is that it is rather heavy.

Pro: Collapsible, large capacity (both regular size and jumbo)

Con: Heavy, reviews mention a strange smell

Fish-N-Mate Junior

fish-n-mate junior surf fishing cart

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The Fish-N-Mate Junior fishing cart is only about 10” smaller than the standard size, but it’s a great option for those looking for a more compact cart. It’s made from non-corrosive aluminum, so it is lightweight and durable, and it features the same poly wheels as the Fish-N-Mate 310.

With multiple rod holders, you can still carry a decent amount with this smaller model, which fits easily into most cars. The Fish-N-Mate Junior is also lighter than others at only 17 pounds. It comes equipped with a cutting board and a removable bait bucket.

The Fish-N-Mate Junior can carry a 48-quart cooler, rods, reels, tackle, and more. It navigates well over sand and other terrain, and its compact size is another selling point for anglers looking to save space.

Pro: Compact, lightweight, good wheels

Con: Less space for gear

Berkley Sportsman’s Pro Cart  

berkley sportsman's pro cast surf fishing cart

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If you’re looking for an extra compact fishing cart that still gets the job done, try the Berkley Sportsman’s Pro Cast Fishing Cart. This fishing cart is also more affordable than others. It is made with a lightweight, corrosion-resistant aluminum frame with electrostatic finish, and has heavy duty fabric to protect gear from the elements.

The Berkley Sportsman’s Pro Cast Fishing cart is extremely compact, making it easy to transport and store. It comes with four removable rod holders, and is equipped with a cutting board and an integrated seat. The wheels are lightweight and travel well over beaches and piers.

This fishing cart is easy to navigate, with a telescoping handle, and has large pivoting feet that won’t sink into the sand. The Berkley Sportsman’s Pro Cast Fishing Cart supports up to 300 pounds, making for an ideal seat and a strong cooler.

Pro: High weight capacity, very compact

Con: May be too compact depending on your gear

Muscle Carts HDBC-Blue Fish and Marine Cart

Muscle Carts HDBC-Blue Fish and Marine Cart

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This fishing cart from Muscle Carts is strong and perfect for the beach or other terrain! It can navigate though sand, on a pier, or on the rocky shoreline around a lake or river. This jumbo sized cart can hold a cooler, fishing bucket, chairs, rods, and more with room to spare. It’s made with strong and durable materials, so it’s sure to hold up.

The Muscle Cart Blue Fish and Marine Cart makes it easy to carry even the heaviest of fishing gear. It can lug up to 220 pounds of gear, fish, and whatever else you need to carry. No more awkwardly carrying heavy gear – with this cart you can easily pull it across the sand, grass, or pier.

The tires have a low pressure design and are made of polyurethane, so they are perfect for dragging across the beach. Even soft sand is easy to navigate across with this fishing cart, and the reviews are glowing.

Pros: Large, lighweight, 5 rod holders, good tires

Cons: Low to ground

Plus One Cart Pier Fishing Cart

Plus One Cart Pier Fishing Cart

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The Plus One Pier Fishing Cart is perfect for the beach, the pier, or any surface really. This cart is totally weatherproof, made of a polymer blend that prevents rusting and oxidizing and is heat resistant. It only weights 23 pounds, so it is lightweight and portable. The handle can retract and spin 180 degrees, so it’s easy to use and won’t be awkward to pull, even though bumpy sand.

The wheels on this fishing cart are made from solid foam rubber, and they have no metal bearings so they are saltwater safe and won’t rust or seize up. This fishing cart can be submerged in water without damage. It has four rod holders, so you can easily carry all of your gear.

This fishing cart comes with a two year warranty, so it’s a great purchase without much risk. Its flat design makes it easy to store. If you purchase two carts, they’ll include a free hitch assembly kit to connect the two.

Pros: Super durable, can store all of your gear

Cons: Not recommended for deep, soft sand

What is a Fishing Cart?

A fishing cart is a cart that is made specifically to transfer your fishing equipment efficiently from one location to another. Surf fishing carts and beach fishing carts are tailored towards surf fishing, making it easy to carry heavy loads and large objects over the sand and surf.

The best surf fishing carts are equipped with rod holders and other useful features, and are corrosion-resistant to withstand water, saltwater, sand, and other beach conditions.

Why Do I Need A Surf Fishing Cart?

You don’t necessarily need a surf fishing cart, but having one on hand can make your next surf fishing trip much easier. Rather than taking multiple trips from your car to the beach, or from one location on the beach to another, a cart can carry all or most of your gear like rods and rigs with less strain on your arms.  You can also use these carts to transport regular beach gear like umbrellas, tents and coolers.

Anyone who has been on a beach knows that walking on sand can be difficult, especially when carrying large, heavy objects. A fishing cart solves that problem, as you can make one trip with wheels specifically designed to carry a heavy amount of weight over sand. At the end of a successful day of surf fishing, you can use your fishing cart to haul back a cooler full of fresh fish! 

What To Look for in a Surf Fishing Cart

When choosing a surf fishing cart, there are a few factors you should consider. Keep in mind that your fishing cart will be traveling over sand and carrying heavy loads, so it should be durable and strong, with wheels that can handle rough terrain.

Size and Weight

The size of your fishing cart is important, because your gear needs to fit. The largest piece of equipment you’ll probably be carrying is a cooler, so check the fishing cart specs beforehand to ensure that your cooler will fit. Size also matters in regards to whether or not you’ll be able to transport it. If your fishing cart is too large to fit in your car, you’ll have a hard time bringing it to the shore.

Weight is also a factor, as some fishing carts can get heavy. Lightweight carts are usually preferred, but depending on the material and the quality, a lighter cart may not be able to carry as much weight in terms of gear. Check the weight of the cart itself, but also be sure to look into how much weight it can support.


The material of a fishing cart is important, as it affects many elements of the cart’s performance. You want a material that is lightweight but durable, so it can support all of your gear.

Your fishing cart should ideally be made of material that is corrosion and water-resistant, since it will likely get wet or sandy on the beach. A popular material among top-rated fishing carts is aluminum or another strong but lightweight metal.

Ease of Movement

The wheels come heavily into play when it comes to movability. The purpose of a fishing cart is to make it easier to carry your things, so it your fishing cart is difficult to drag through the sand then the whole point is defeated.

Consider wheels, handles, and navigation when you look at fishing carts. Look for wheels made specifically for traveling over sand or rough terrain that won’t be damaged by grains of sand. Ideally the wheels should be easy to rinse off as well. A good handle is the right height so that you don’t have to stoop, and swivels nicely with good control of the fishing cart.

Pier Fishing Carts vs. Beach Fishing Carts

Depending on whether you plan to fish from a pier or directly on the shoreline, you can look for different factors when choosing your fishing cart. The main element that makes a difference is the wheels – you’ll need wheels made for sand if you’re fishing right on the beach. Pier wheels can be more versatile, while beach fishing carts are designed more specifically for use on the sand.

Find Gear for Your Fishing Cart

If you’ve settled on the best surf fishing cart for your needs, stock up on the best gear to fill it with by checking out Fishmasters. Fishmasters has extensive product reviews, fishing tips, and more to help you make the most out of your fishing trips this season.

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