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Best Waders for Surf Fishing

If you’re going surf fishing, chances are you’re going to get wet. Depending on where you’re fishing, how far out you hope to cast, and other conditions, you may need to invest in a pair of fishing waders.

Fishing waders will keep you from getting soaked in the surf. Even if you think you won’t get that wet, if you’re fighting a fish you might get dragged into the water. No one wants to be stuck in soggy shoes and pants, especially on a chilly day, which is why you should pack a pair of waders instead.

Best Surf Fishing Waders

To help you find the best surf fishing waders, we’ve compiled the top-rated  waders out there. These waders were chosen based on waterproof material, breathability, style, fit, and other factors that contribute to a quality pair of fishing waders.

These are the Best Waders for Fishing in the Surf

  1. Compass 360 Deadfall Breathable Chest Wader
  2. Frogg Toggs Canyon II Breathable Stocking Foot Hip Wader
  3. Hodgman Mackenzie Cleat Chest Bootfoot Fishing/Hunting Waders
  4. TideWe Hip Wader
  5. Adamsbuilt Truckee River Wader
  6. Allen Black River Bootfoot Hip Waders

Compass 360 Deadfall Breathable Chest Wader

compass 360 deadfall breathable fishing waders

The Compass 360 Deadfall Breathable Chest Wader is made by a top-rated brand, COMPASS. These waders are well known for high quality, coverage, and durability. Made from 4-ply nylon, the 360 Deadfall waders are breathable but still very strong.

These waders have adjustable elastic suspenders with release buckles, so you can quickly remove them if needed. They have a flip-out chest pocket so that you can keep a phone or other electronics safely inside the chest pocket, away from water. There is also a durable wading belt with a quick release buckle.

The Compass 360 Deadfall Breathable Chest Wader is fitted with 4mm neoprene booties, ergonomically designed to stretch over all feet. It has poly reinforcements over the knees and shins. These waders are breathable, so you won’t overheat in warmer climates, but can also adapt to colder weather as well.

The Compass 360 Deadfall Breathable Chest Wader Specs:

  • Material: Nylon & Polyester
  • Foot: Stocking Foot
  • Style: Chest Wader
  • Added Features: Knee and shin reinforcements, 2-in-1 chest pocket

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Frogg Toggs Canyon II Breathable Stocking Foot Hip Wader

frogg toggs canyon II breathable stockingfoot hip fishing wader

If you don’t need a full body chest wader, hip waders will work just fine in the surf and are even more lightweight. The Frogg Toggs Canyon II Breathable Stocking Foot Hip Wader will keep your feet and legs dry and safe from the waves without overheating or impeding mobility.

The stocking feet of the Frogg Toggs Canyon II Breathable Stocking Foot Hip Waders are made from neoprene booties, so they’ll stretch to fit your feet and keep them dry. The legs are made of 4-ply nylon, keeping you dry while also cooling and wicking away sweat and moisture.

Frogg Toggs Canyon II Breathable Stocking Foot Hip Waders have an adjustable elastic belt leash, and their quick-release buckles make it easy to remove the waders. Frogg Toggs is a trusted fishing brand, and these waders are lightweight and great for surf fishing. You will need a pair of boots to go over stocking foot waders, however.

Frogg Toggs Canyon II Breathable Stocking Foot Hip Wader Specs:

  • Material: Nylon & Neoprene
  • Foot: Stocking Foot
  • Style: Hip Wader
  • Added Features: 4-ply nylon, adjustable elastic belt loop

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Hodgman Mackenzie Cleat Chest Bootfoot Fishing/Hunting Waders

hodgman mackenzie cleat chest bootfoot fishing waders

Hodgman’s Mackenzie Cleat Chest Bootfoot Fishing and Hunting Waders are 35% lighter than traditional rubber waders, so they won’t weigh you down or warm you up when surf fishing. Made for surf fishing, these flexible waders are made from nylon to keep water out and wick moisture.

PVC cleated boots on the Hodgman Mackenzie Cleat Chest Bootfoot Waders are more durable than rubber. These boots have great traction to keep you from slipping in the water. Movement is still easy, as the boots and waders are lightweight. The suspenders are easily adjustable, and the Hodgman waders include an internal pocket for cell phones or other non-waterproof devices.

Hodgman is a well-known brand for its quality waders, and these come at a very affordable price for the high quality materials and performance.

Hodgman Mackenzie Cleat Chest Bootfoot Fishing Wader Specs:

  • Material: Nylon & PVC
  • Foot: Boot Foot
  • Style: Chest Wader
  • Added Features: Cleated soles, internal pocket

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TideWe Hip Wader

tidewe hip fishing wader

Another great choice if you want hip waders, the TideWe Hip Waders are lightweight and high quality. Compared to the Frogg Togg hip waders on this list, the TideWe Hip Waders are bootfoot, so the boot is included and attached. Made from nylon-reinforced PVC, these waders are 100% waterproof.

30% lighter than rubber hip waders, the TideWe Hip Waders provide just as much durability but added flexibility and mobility. The cleated soles are slip resistant for better traction to keep you safe on the sand or other terrain. The TideWe Hip Waders have adjustable belt straps for comfort and fit.

If you’re looking for a lightweight and affordable hip wader, the TideWe Hip Waders are a solid choice. They come in green or brown.

TideWe Hip Wader Specs:

  • Material: Nylon & PVC
  • Foot: Boot Foot
  • Style: Hip Wader
  • Added Features: Cleated soles

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Adamsbuilt Truckee River Wader

adamsbuilt truckee fishing waders

The Adamsbuilt Truckee River Waders are a top-notch pair of chest waders, adaptable for surf fishing or for colder climate fishing trips. Premium microfiber material and Pore-Tech breathable membrane makes these waders extra lightweight and comfortable. These fishing waders have DWC teflon and anti-microbial treatments.

These chest waders are stocking foot, with 4mm neoprene booties to keep feet dry. They come with reinforced knees and seat panels to prevent wear and tear. The Adamsbuilt Truckee River Waders also come fitted with gravel guards.

These waders also come fitted with a flip-out accessory pocket to keep devices safe, a hand warmer pocket for cold days, and a quick release belt and adjustable suspenders. These are high quality fishing waders for surf fishing and beyond.

Adamsbuilt Truckee River Wader Specs:

  • Material: Microfiber and Pore-Tech membrane
  • Foot: Stocking Foot
  • Style: Chest Wader
  • Added Features: Reinforced knees and seat, gravel guards, accessory pocket

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Allen Black River Bootfoot Hip Waders

allen black river bootfoot hip fishing waders

For those who don’t need full coverage, the Allen Black River Bootfoot Hip Waders are another top choice. These hip waders are bootfoot waders, so you won’t need to purchase wading boots separately. Lightweight but still fully waterproof, these waders will keep your feet and legs safe in the surf.

Made from two-ply nylon for durability, these hip waders will keep you dry while wicking away sweat and moisture. The boot is sturdy and durable. Cleated boot bottoms prevent slipping on any terrain. An integrated belt loop and take-up strap keep these waders comfortably held up to the hips.

The Allen Company is a respected fishing brand, with a variety of high quality waders. For surf fishing, these lightweight hip waders are a great choice.

Allen Black River Bootfoot Hip Waders Specs:

  • Material: Nylon
  • Foot: Boot Foot
  • Style: Hip Wader
  • Added Features: Cleated soles

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How To Choose the Best Fishing Waders

Finding the right fishing waders can seem daunting – there are multiple brands to choose from, different styles, boots, materials, and other features to consider. Your choice of fishing wader depends on the type of fishing you plan to use them for, location, weather, and some other factors.

Not all fishing waders are equal in terms of quality, but you should also consider temperature when choosing fishing waders. Since surf fishing is usually done in warmer climates, you don’t want to choose a pair of waders that will cause you to overheat.

We’ll break down the major factors that should affect your choice of fishing waders.

Fishing Wader Material

Material is a major factor when choosing fishing waders, arguably the most important when you consider temperature control. Fishing waders can be broken into those made for cold weather and those that are breathable for warmer temperatures. When surf fishing, you’ll want something breathable.

Cold-weather waders are often made of rubber or neoprene, which will certainly keep you dry but also tend to stay very warm. Sweat and moisture can’t escape those fabrics, so if you plan to fish in warm temperatures, steer clear of rubber, neoprene, or even canvas waders.

Breathable waders must also be waterproof, so they’re often made with nylon or other microfiber technology. Look for a breathable material that wicks moisture and allows some airflow so that you don’t overheat out in the sun.

Bootfoot Waders vs. Stocking Foot Waders

The foot of waders come in two styles: bootfoot or stocking foot. Bootfoot waders come fitted with wading boots, and the waders are completely attached to the boot so it cannot be removed. Stocking foot waders usually have booties, often made of neoprene, which keep your feet dry. When you choose stocking foot waders, you need to also purchase wading boots to wear on top.

The benefit of bootfoot waders is that they’re all in one piece, so you don’t have to make an extra purchase. Bootfoot waders are often less expensive, and they make it easy to pack your waders all in one piece of clothing, so you’ll never forget your boots.

Many anglers prefer stocking foot waders, however, as you can easily switch shoes and they  are generally lighter (although you’ll have to pack heavy boots separately anyway). Stocking foot waters have booties so that you still stay dry from hips or chest to toe.

They are also preferred because you can find a more comfortable boot that fits precisely to your foot, but keep in mind that you’ll need a little more room in the boots to fit the neoprene booties of your stocking in.

Wader Style

Our list features both chest and hip waders. Another style not featured in this post is wasit waders – essentially high waisted pant waders.

Chest waders are better for those who expect to go further in the water or get splashed more. Not all surf fishers plan to go very far into the surf, but when you’re fighting a big catch it’s possible that you may get wet.

Hip waders only protect your feet and legs, which is often enough coverage while surf fishing. These attach to a belt usually, which allows more airflow for your torso and legs compared to chest waders. There is a chance that you may get splashed by a wave or go further into the ocean then anticipated, however.

Your style of waders is up to you. If you expect to go further out or really don’t want to get wet, opt for chest waders. If you’d prefer less coverage to stay cooler, choose one of our top-rated hip waders.


Obviously your waders need to fit! Depending on your choice of style, both legs, body, and feet should fit comfortably into waders. Foot size is often the most important, especially for bootfoot waders. Look into the fit of the waders and how sizes run for that particular set before purchasing. Check reviews to get a better idea. Don’t forget to consider what clothing you need to fit under the waders.

Extra Fishing Wader Features

Some waders offer a variety of added features that may influence your purchase. While some extra features may not matter as much to you, others can be serious perks.


Some waders pad specific areas with reinforcements for protection. Common reinforcement points are the knees, seat, or shins. The idea is that if you fall, these reinforcements will prevent tearing and ruining your waders. A high quality pair of waders ideally should not rip easily anyway, however.


Many waders have pockets, but some have special pockets for specific purposes. A common feature is fleece-lined pockets, which is nice when fishing in colder climates, albeit less applicable to surf fishing. Another important pocket is an internal pocket that protects water sensitive devices like cell phones or cameras. These are great if you want to keep your phone on you without sacrificing its safety.

Boot Tread

The bottom of fishing boots should have good traction and be slip resistant so that you don’t fall on wet surfaces. Cleated soles are popular for their non-slip character. If you’re buying bootfoot waders, be sure to check out the tread on the boot to ensure it will keep you safe.

Straps and Buckles

For your waders to fit, they should have adjustable straps. Very often, these straps also have easy buckles for quick release so that they can be easily removed. Hip waders usually feature a belt, which should also be adjustable and feature a release buckle.

D Rings

Some waders feature D rings that you can clip other tools to. These make it easy to carry other tools, like a fishing net, on your person while you’re out in the water.

Fishing Waders and Other Surf Fishing Gear

Now that you’ve found your next, favorite pair of surf fishing waders, find the rest of your surf fishing gear through Fishmasters! We’ve compiled list of the best surf fishing rods, surf fishing reels, surf fishing bait, and more. Check out our blog for these product reviews and other helpful fishing tips.