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Surf Fishing Gear – The Beach Fishing Buyers Guide

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Surf Fishing Gear You Will Need for the Beach

The right gear is essential for any kind of fishing. Surf fishing requires sturdier gear to withstand stronger fish and currents, as well as corrosive saltwater. Find the best surf fishing gear on Fishmasters to improve your chances of a catch and to save your gear from damage.

In general, surf fishing equipment is geared towards longer casting and must be safe to use in and around saltwater. Rods tend to be longer, reels must be strong and protected from the elements, and lures must be safe to use in saltwater. Check out our reviews for the best surf fishing gear within each category to make your next great catch from the shore.

Essential Surf Fishing Gear

These are the essentials you’ll need for surf fishing:

Other Surf Fishing Gear

While we’ve covered the basics, there is some other surf fishing gear you’ll probably need. Go through this list and make sure you have any other necessary equipment before you go surf fishing:

  • Fishing license (dependent on state/local laws)
  • Hooks
  • Weights
  • Coolers
  • A knife or multi-tool
  • Needle-nose pliers
  • First aid kit

What to Wear When Surf Fishing

You’ve purchased the main gear and you’re ready to head to the beach, but what do you wear? There isn’t any set apparel for surf fishing, although there are some considerations you’ll want to make while getting dressed.

Always dress for the weather when fishing. The temperature cools on the shoreline, with ocean winds blowing towards you. Water temperature is also a factor, as you may end up getting your feet, legs, or whole body in the surf when casting or fighting a tough fish. Check weather forecasts and dress accordingly.

Many anglers go barefoot to enjoy the sand between their toes, but it’s a safer bet to wear fishing boots or some other form of shoe. If you’re on a popular fishing beach, chances are there may be a hook in the sand somewhere. Avoid injury by wearing shoes, and ideally by wearing water and slip-resistant boots.

Surf Fishing Apparel

If you’re worried about getting wet, especially in cold waters, invest in a good pair of surf fishing waders. Waders will protect your body and any possessions on your person from getting soaked in the surf. There are plenty of options when it comes to waders, and more factors to consider than you may think. Check out our top picks for the best surf fishing waders to get the right choice for your needs.

If you’re looking to protect your feet but don’t feel the need for a full set of waders, invest in a good pair of fishing boots instead!  Depending on where you’re surf fishing, you may have to deal with more slippery rocks and other surfaces, and it’s always best to be safe. Find the best wading boots to keep your feet dry.

Not every day on the beach is sunny, but you can get sunburn even on overcast days. Protect your face from the sun and shield your eyes with a quality fishing hat. We’ve reviewed the best fishing hats on the market, so you can find the right one for your next surf fishing trip.

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