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tarpon swimming

Can You Eat Tarpon?

Tarpon are enormous and present a thrilling challenge to anglers, making them one of the most highly appreciated game fishes. If you go fishing with the intent of bringing home something for dinner, you might end up...

whole triggerfish on ice

Can You Eat Triggerfish?

With more than 40 species of triggerfish in tropical and subtropical locations across the globe, these fish are plentiful enough that you may be wondering can you eat triggerfish? Well, in most cases, the answer is yes...

snook on ice

Can You Eat Snook?

Snook are beautiful, silvery fish that live in the coastal waters along the American shoreline. Fishermen love to catch them because of their elusiveness and fighting spirit. Can you eat snook? Of course, you can! They...


Can You Eat Bluefish?

Bluefish are extremely aggressive, ravenous predators that attack their prey in a feeding frenzy, and fishermen who catch them sometimes also get bitten. You just finished a fishing trip on the East Coast and loaded up...

a lionfish swimming over coral

Can You Eat Lionfish and is it Safe?

The lionfish is an exotic, beautiful fish with a striking appearance that no one can forget. It’s a familiar occupant of aquariums across the world and has a place in the cuisine of many nations. Despite its beauty, the...