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To some there is nothing more relaxing than sitting on a frozen lake for hours, with some close friends, just waiting to get that big catch of the day. Nothing in sight for miles, except for your breath and a frozen lake from shore to shore. While many people try to avoid the cold, these brave fishermen embrace it and take on this challenge from mother nature.

It may seem like a dangerous hobby, but ice fishing is popular in the northern United States and can yield some of the year’s biggest catches. Want to learn more about ice fishing? Find articles here for the best ice fishing products, tip and tricks, and places to ice fish.

guy ice fishing on lake

Our Favorite Reels for Ice Fishing

Ice fishing is different from many other forms of fishing – instead of casting, you simply drop your line in a hole created by an ice auger. This means that the function of an ice fishing reel is different. Ice...

crappie ice fishing

Ice Fishing for Crappie: Tips and Tricks

Crappie are labelled as underwater predators, which makes them different from the rest of the fish that swim under thick blanket of ice. Catching them is a skill that you have to learn and master before you pack up the...

ice fishing perch

Ice Fishing for Perch: Tips and Tricks

This popular game fish can be caught throughout the year, but perch are a common ice fishing target. Perch are considered one of the easiest and most fun fish to catch from under thick ice sheets. Learn how to best...

propane ice augers

Best Propane Ice Augers

Propane ice augers are growing in popularity for ice anglers. These augers are almost as powerful as gas augers, without the mess and harmful emissions produced by gas augers. Learn more about propane powered augers and...

ice fishing tip up line

Best Tip Up Line for Ice Fishing

Many ice fishers set up tip ups, or ice fishing traps. This increases their chances of making a catch, as they can have multiple lines in the water at once. But what line should you use when you’re setting up your tip...

people ice fishing on a lake in alaska

Best Ice Fishing Lakes in Alaska

As we get closer to winter and the weather begins to drop, we can start preparing for the ice fishing season. In Alaska, you don’t have to wait long for the season to start – lakes will start freezing over in late...

man ice fishing on a lake

Ice Fishing Picks and Safety Gear

Ice fishing can be a fun experience with friends and family, but safety should always be top of mind especially in early and late season.  Every year there are a number of injuries and even deaths related to ice fishing...

ice hole for fishing

Ice Fishing Hole Covers & Catch Covers

Keep your fish house warmer, holes ice free, and save money on fuel with catch cover hole sleeves this ice fishing season. Hole covers keep snow and ice out, so you can catch fish more easily. Often, when you use a hand...

ice fishing sled on a lake

The 6 Best Ice Fishing Sleds

So you are all stocked up with the latest and greatest ice fishing gear for this season, but the honey hole is over a mile into the lake. You’ll need a top notch ice fishing sled to get you there with all that...

hand powered ice auger

5 Best Hand Ice Augers

Anyone familiar with ice fishing knows that you need to get through the ice first if you want to catch anything! An ice auger is one of the most essential pieces of ice fishing gear that you’ll need to get started...