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catching a white bass

Can You Eat White Bass?

White bass live in the Ohio River and in certain areas of the Great Lakes. They can even be found in Oklahoma, Kansas, parts of South Dakota, Nebraska, and smaller lakes in Wisconsin and Minnesota. They have even been...

White Sucker underwater in the St. Lawrence River

Can You Eat Sucker Fish? 

Sucker fish, often known as the white sucker, is a fish that can be found throughout North American waters. They can grow to be up to 4 pounds and about 20 inches or so in length. While you may not have heard of this...

sauger fish

Can You Eat Sauger? 

Sauger may not be the first fish that pops into your head when you’re craving some fish dinner, but that doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be on the menu. It can be found in many rivers and is often overlooked...

Creek Chub or Fallfish

Can You Eat Fallfish?

Known as The Little Tarpon of the Commonwealth in Virginia, fallfish is not one of the native fish in America anglers usually rave about. Mostly they are used as bait or completely ignored. Can you eat fallfish? You...